Treatment Connect Patient Terms and Conditions

  1. Treatment Connect (“TC”, “we”, ”us”, ”our”) offers a concierge service connecting patients (“you”, “your”) with hospitals (“them”, ”they”, ”provider”) and providing advice for your patient pathway. We will support your decision by providing accessible, simple and transparent advice so you can make an informed decision about your care. We provide impartial advice so you can choose where you would like to be treated, who treats you and how much you would have to pay.

  2. The Treatment Connect service. Treatment Connect acts as an intermediary between you and the hospital in the form of an online web based service. The TC service is free to use. Please read our Privacy Policy for information on how we use your data.

  3. Information we provide with our service:

    1. hospital location
    2. how to book an initial consultation
    3. pricing information
    4. real patient reviews from the NHS
    5. Care Quality Commission rating
    6. who to contact
    7. what to do next
    8. how to finance your treatment with a loan.

  4. We do not provide:

    1. healthcare services.
    2. any form of medical advice.
    3. direct referrals.
    4. loan or financial advice.

  5. The final decision to proceed with treatment must come from you as a patient and advice received from medical professionals.

  6. Treatment Connect will not be held responsible for any prices which are shown incorrectly on the Treatment Connect comparison service. These are guide prices based on the average healthy patient and will fluctuate with each patient’s choice and requirements. The prices are to be used as a guide for comparison purposes, are not fixed and the hospitals reserve the right to change them at any time. Treatment Connect is only able to show prices for services where the hospitals have made these prices available in the public domain. Once you have had an initial consultation and decide to proceed with treatment, the hospital will quote you a final price.

  7. Hospitals are able to offer a fixed price on the most common procedures. Once you have had an initial consultation, the hospital will be able to provide a quote based on your current state of health, the consultant you choose and any special prosthesis you require. In most cases, if you are generally a healthy person, there will be no extra charges over and above the fixed price.

  8. Where the hospital has agreed a fixed price, they will send you a letter confirming the fixed price, how you can pay and whether the consultant and anaesthetist fees are included in the fixed price or not. This letter forms part of your contract with the hospital and must be read carefully. The contract is between you (“the patient”) and the hospital. You are responsible for understanding and accepting the hospital terms and conditions. Treatment Connect can support you with advice but we have no part to play in this contract. Be sure to note that, if you choose to cancel your treatment, you will be charged at standard rates for all services rendered up to the point of cancellation but no more than the fixed price. The standard rates are available from each hospital group.

  9. Treatment Connect may be able to provide a special fixed price offer depending on the relationship we have with the hospital. These offers are only available where the hospital offers a fixed price and we have an established relationship with that hospital.

  10. Where Treatment Connect has arranged a special fixed price on your behalf, a fixed price contract will exist between you and TC. This only covers the fixed price portion of your hospital bill as it would on the hospital fixed price contract (see item 8). You will still have a contract with the hospital but it will not state a fixed price. You will pay TC and we will cover your fixed price with the hospital. We require payment from you at least 7 days prior to treatment so we can pass the payment on to the hospital. The hospital has the right to cancel the treatment if payment is not received on time. TC will not be held liable for the hospital cancelling your treatment and any associated charges if you pay us late. Any extra fees and/or charges incurred during the course of treatment will be charged directly to you as per your agreement with the hospital. You are wholly liable to pay the hospital directly for these extra charges. Where there is a dispute over the fixed price portion of the bill, this must be reported to us and we will manage the dispute on your behalf.

  11. Finance. TC is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) and we may not offer financial advice nor sell financial products. Our established industry finance partner may offer you these services. It is your decision to buy a financial product and the contract will be between you and the finance provider. TC will have no part to play in this contract and you are wholly liable for repayment of any loans taken directly or indirectly from the finance provider. (Indirectly - the finance provider pays you the cash amount, you then transfer funds to TC or the hospital, you pay the loan back to the finance provider. Directly - the finance provider pays TC or the hospital directly, you pay the loan back to the finance provider).

  12. Treatment Connect provides information and advice based purely on information in the public domain and information provided to us from the hospitals. We act as an information agent and are not liable for any cost or damages incurred by you due to incorrect information provided to you. We do not charge for our services. Our information service is provided to you at no cost and no refunds will be due in respect of any dispute.

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions please email us at Many thanks for reading. Have a great day ahead.